Notion – Client Meeting Agenda Template


This template is perfect for planning and running client meetings with your team in Notion.

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Notion – Client Meeting Agenda Template

Why You Need This Template

  • Streamlined Meeting Preparation: This template simplifies the process of preparing for client meetings. It ensures that all necessary steps, from confirming meeting times to preparing presentation materials, are organized and easily accessible.
  • Enhanced Meeting Structure: The template provides a clear structure for your meetings, including introductions, project updates, financial overviews, and strategic planning. This organization helps in keeping the meeting focused and productive.
  • Comprehensive Record Keeping: With options for both stand-alone and database-driven meeting notes, this template allows for detailed record-keeping. It’s perfect for tracking meeting summaries, decisions made, and action items.

Template Features

  • Two Options for Meeting Notes: Choose between a stand-alone page for single meetings or a meeting database for recurring meetings.
  • Pre-Meeting Preparation Checklist: Includes steps like confirming dates, sending agendas, and setting up meeting spaces.
  • Structured Meeting Sections: Sections for introductions, project updates, financial overviews, strategic planning, and more.
  • Action Items and Meeting Closure: Clearly assign tasks and responsibilities, set deadlines, and summarize key points.
  • Meeting Database: Keep track of all meetings with details like date, attendees, and summaries.

Adding Template To Your Account

  1. Purchase the Template: Buy the Client Meeting Agenda Template from Gumroad.
  2. Duplicate the Template: After purchase, you’ll receive a link to the template. In the template, find and click the “Duplicate” button at the top of the page.
  3. Add to Your Notion Account: Once you click “Duplicate”, you’ll be prompted to select the workspace in your Notion account where you want to add the template.
  4. Customize and Use: After adding it to your account, you can customize the template to suit your specific needs and start using it for your meetings.



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