Monday – Event Management Template

Manage and plan all your events in one organized workspace. Assign tasks, track statuses, and oversee deadlines to ensure smooth collaboration.

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The event planning & operations template optimizes your creative planning processes with integrations and a visual flow that works for you, so you can organize and streamline the way your team works to plan your events from start to finish in one, centralized workflow.
Sync all event operation managers, event staff, and stakeholders on your events including in-house and large-scale festivities, conferences, and more by creating smart calendars with progress tracking and deadline reminders. Give everyone a voice on digital assets by storing them in your personal event planner on, where everyone can add feedback and comments in real time in the updates section. Never leave anyone guessing on where they should be or who is responsible for what.
Client-facing and behind-the-scenes dream team members Digital marketers alike can view and share data whichever way they see fit, from high-level dashboards to Gantt charts and colorful timelines so you’re confident making data-driven decisions related to your events and operations processes every time. Use statuses to give clients a high-level view of progress. Track budgets and visualize them in just a few clicks.
You can even power your boards with forms that populate them with crucial event details, like number of guests, budget, and dates, right from the start. Choose from hundreds of automation recipes to notify you when a new item is added or to automate mundane tasks so you can focus on the work that really makes an impact.
Use different groups to logically organize your workflow by categories, such as logistics, food and beverage menus, and venue tasks. House important documents like invoices, receipts, and photos side by side with each item. Integrate tools like MailChimp for newsletters and invitations related to your events.