Monday – Construction roadmap Template

Manage multiple construction projects simultaneously and instantly view your project data the way that works for you.

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Our construction roadmap template is ideal for a wide range of tasks and management functions, whether youโ€™re working in civil engineering or residential construction projects. Robust enough for seasoned construction managers in the construction industry but intuitive enough for teams of small businesses to use.
In a nutshell, any stakeholder in the building, construction, or operations related to them can use the template to customize a workflow that optimizes their efficiency and transparency.
Construction site management becomes less chaotic when you are able to map out calendars, delivery dates and times, and more for your project teams. As a vital part of resource management, you can manage team members’ workloads and which sites they will be at any given point.
You can also monitor equipment deliveries and rental periods and set automatic reminders so you never miss a deadline and stay on track.
Team members take ownership to the next level with the People column, so they can assign themselves tasks when they have extra capacity. As a manager, you have the freedom to assign multiple owners or even entire teams.
When it comes to contracts, invoices, and reports, this template has you covered. Your board will not only be a construction task management system and calendar, it serves as a document repository as well.
Keep living copies of project plans and agreements so you wonโ€™t scramble through emails when you need a refresh. You can even create a board with your clients and contractors to receive documents for signatures and approvals to keep everything in one place.
The structure and features are built to optimize your construction management process so the way a general contractor oversees it is intuitive and easy to understand. Map view, calendars, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, or timelines help communicate important information at a glance.