Monday – Real estate CRM Template

Manage all real estate business operations from one centralized database. Capture potential clients, connect them to properties, store listing details, and manage agent workloads.

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Reaching your prospective customers and delivering a top notch customer experience has never been easier. With our intuitive Real Estate CRM template, you can seamlessly manage your existing customer needs and optimize your sales team’s processes and project timelines with the sales materials they need to advance prospective customers.
Whether it’s case studies, sales scripts, kanban boards, or sales presentations and email templates, bring all of your sales enablement materials for your project team or external stakeholders together—in one, centralized workflow.
Stay up-to-date on the latest status of the complex projects your team and clients are working on. Instantly share any type of content like white papers, images, and generate reports so it’s easy to both onboard new employees and acclimate them to your company’s products. Effortlessly create an information bank that new and seasoned sales reps can refer back to to avoid wasted time and streamline communication with everyone involved.
This template was built to nicely house any promotional material that will help your sales team increase customer satisfaction, ease their resource management processes, keep track of due dates, and reduce their time spent on mundane tasks. Since everything is in real-time, you can even use monday docs to make updates directly on documents created in the platform. Visualize your data whichever way you see fit, from high-level dashboards to battery progress widgets and colorful pie charts.
Easily track progress on the creation and final approval on sales materials, so no one is left guessing whether they have the most up to date materials. Notify multiple teams quickly when materials are ready or when important changes have been made, to keep everyone aligned anytime, anywhere.
Our dozens of integrations allow you to keep working with the tools (and project sponsors) you already use and love. Keep track of all your customer centric content visual workspace, so multiple teams within your organization can access it, too. Automate reminders for upcoming deadlines so everyone gets access to materials at the right time.