Monday – Construction management Template

Monitor the real-time status of ongoing construction projects and streamline communication between the field and office so workflows run smoothly from start to finish.

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Our construction management template will superpower your project management. Stay on top of any construction site, project schedule, construction project, or manage your schedule and budget.
No matter if you’re working in civil engineering or residential construction projects, this template is robust enough to manage your largest projects, but intuitive enough to comfortably manage your day-to-day work. Essentially, anyone in the construction industry can use the template to customize a workflow that optimizes their efficiency and transparency.
Staying on top of all of your sites is easy with this template. Use the map view to see where your sites are spread, the board view to get a full picture of where everything stands, and timeline to see what is due when and if you have any conflicting deadlines.
Your site crew can take full ownership of all of their projects by assigning themselves with the people column. Once someone is assigned to a task, it’s easy to keep updated on progress, ask for clarifications, and get the full picture. As a manager, you have the freedom to assign multiple owners or even entire teams.
Your project overview, cost estimates, and anything else you need to ensure your construction project is on track is right where you need it with the board.
When you’ve got a team in the office and a team onsite, keeping everyone on the same page is paramount to your success. With easy mobile access, your teams can share updates, important files, and unexpected delays in real-time. Working with contractors outside of your team? No problem, sharing this template is one click away.
Whether you’re the general contractor, the onsite team, or a certified construction manager—this template will keep your team focused and your projects on track. Map view, calendars, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, will ensure every site is working perfectly.