Monday – General contractor Template

Stay on top of each deliverable, permit, file, and information you need to keep track of all the tasks each project stage requires.

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Those working in the construction industry are no strangers to the level of project management that goes into overseeing the entire project.
There are many tasks to manage—hire a contractor, hire subcontractors, confirm all licensing requirements are met, and of course ensure that quality work is executed. The general contractor solution template is built to handle everything from day to day work to long-term construction projects.
Upload contact information of other project general contractors, construction managers, and subcontractors to complete a central and live directory of your industry network. Keep track of important files like invoices and project bids from construction managers who are hiring a general contractor so you can be on top of your potential clients.
Build out this information repository further with information on what different states require for building projects, so you’ll be prepared for anything and save time.
Resource allocation and budgeting become a breeze too, with formulas and the ability to turn this data into dynamic dashboards and reports that can because everything is centralized, managers and team members alike won’t have to chase each other down for information, or ask around if any new items or updates have been added.
Through’s automation recipes, you can receive an email notification and a notification directly on the platform whenever a new item was added. These automations could also be used to hand off a project to the relevant person once a status has been updated accordingly.
Our template was created with everything you need to get started with confidence, right away. The intuitive and hassle-free drag and drop items, color-coding for group categories or stages, and a quick search bar make it easy to sort requests by date, statuses, and the person or team who added them.