Monday – Construction project tracking Template

Manage the progress of your construction projects in a visual way. Track the different stages, deadlines, and know where things stand at all times.

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Our construction project tracking template combines document management, project scheduling, team member collaboration, and more to track projects for success.’s powerful Work OS easily morphs to function as your own custom construction project management software. There is even a mobile app as well as a web-based platform, making it the perfect on the go tool for general contractors and large construction firms alike.
With the ability to add as many groups and items as you want, you can also add subitems to keep it all organized and functional for your team. You can make a group related to a specific job site for example, and track everything related to it there.
We included things like project plans and forms and permits, but you can feel free to add other columns and categories in your tracking arsenal, like job cost or purchase orders. Top construction priorities can be donated with a specific column or color.
While allows you to get as creative as you want, you’ll still find standard features of any project management system in the construction industry. For example, you can use our optimized Gantt chart view to see your project plan in a classic way, but with added flexibility to make changes in real-time, add owners, and write updates directly on an item.
Need an easy way to track punch lists from clients? Use the checklist function in the updates section to make a list and cross off each item when you click it.
Easily set automatic reminders so you never miss a deadline or update and stay on track. Depending on the ownership settings you choose, anyone has the freedom to assign multiple owners or even entire teams. You can even create a group with your clients and contractors to receive documents for signatures and approvals to keep everything in one place.
Bottom line, this template can be expanded to fit the needs of any construction company or project.