Monday – Project Requests and Approvals Template

Manage all incoming project requests and approvals in one place. Receive real-time notifications to keep you informed with project status, unanticipated changes, and more.

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Project managers, team members, and team leads alike can find challenges in one particular part of project planning: project submission, review, and approval. Project request management is a business process that can really make or break the efficiency of an organization. Our project requests and approvals template is designed to smooth the project request process, regardless of the type of project or industry.
The structure and features are built to optimize the process so your project managers can change their status bars from approved or rejected to “initiate project”. This type of project template takes into account the very first step of the approval process—work requests.
With the template, you can create custom project request forms that require individuals or teams to outline and provide all key information relevant to a project proposal. That way, they must really map out and think about what they request approval for.
It also makes it more efficient for a manager to approve projects, because they have crucial points like budget and project purpose automatically on their board. It also facilitates something called capital budget, where once a project is approved you assess how to allocate resources.