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Online Workforce Planning Template

Not an Airtable user yet? Sign up here for free to get started.

The skills required by your workforce are constantly changing. To get the right people with the right skills in the right roles necessitates careful and strategic workforce planning. This workforce planning template was built with the modern company in mind, and is an indispensable tool for mapping your current workforce, your ideal future workforce, and the gaps you need to fill.

This flexible workforce planning template is perfect whether you’re the CEO, running human resources, leading talent management, or just managing a new business unit or department. Use the different views to quickly see your workforce grouped by department or manager, or filter down to just see open headcount across the entire organization. And because this template is cloud-based and built from the ground up to be collaborative, you can easily share with leaders from across the company to make sure that the entire business plan is reflected in your headcount planning.

Additionally, this workforce planning template includes a pre-configured org chart so you can easily visualize your team’s hierarchy. And best of all, this workforce planning template is flexible enough to act as your full-fledged company directory as well – just add job titles, headshots, contact information like phone numbers and email addresses, even birthdays!

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