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Online Content Studio Template

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As the internet has expanded, so have the possibilities for today’s digital media companies, whose websites and social accounts often blur the line between a newspaper, a lifestyle magazine, and a television network. With so many pieces and types of content to publish and promote daily, how can a virtual “content studio” stay organized and efficient without sacrificing creativity? This template makes it easy to track the production of everything from articles to GIFs, while also managing the team that creates it all.

The first two tables contain the themes and content verticals that define a digital media brand, and the individual pieces of content, or assets, that make them up. Set production schedules and publishing dates in the publishing calendar, and stay on top of production with the content status board. When you have a new content idea, the asset tracker lets you quickly determine its format and channel, as well as the producers, writers, and editors who will create it.

Keep a directory of your studio’s content creators in the production team table, which shows their work history and current availability. If your studio is seeking to create a piece of content with a high production value, develop a detailed plan using the last table.