Todoist – Growth Experiments Template

Keep track of your team’s backlog, pipeline, projects and analyses.

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When working on growth projects, you need a repeatable process to ideate, prioritize, push and learn from experiments. Your process will help create momentum and autonomy around growth ideas.

Use this template to keep track of growth experiments:

Backlog: Link to a spreadsheet where you hold and prioritize all your growth ideas.
Pipeline: Prioritize a few high-impact projects. Refine a specification document with the hypothesis, design, metrics, outcome and implementation resources.
Doing: When you’ve received the green light, move the project name to this section. In this phase, you’ll involve designers and developers to implement the experiment.
Done: Your experiment will run for a few weeks to a month. Move it here when it’s done.
Analyzing: After an experiment ends, analyze the experiment. Collect your learnings and share them with your team.