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Daily Virtual Conference Checklist Template

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After months of hard work and planning, the day has finally arrived. The day of your virtual conference.

Virtual conferences are set to take over from traditional, real-life trade shows and conferences.


Cost for one. According to technology company ON24 founder, Sharat Sharan:

“One of our biggest technology clients had a sales meeting earlier this year where they generally spend $5m (£3.2m). They spent a tenth of that by holding a virtual conference” – Rise of the virtual conference, BBC News

Think about the cost savings you could make by running your conference remotely; you wouldn’t need to fork out for hotel rooms, airfares, meals, and conference space.

Talking of airfares, this is another reason to go digital with your conference.

Virtual conferences reduce the carbon footprint by removing the need for attendees, hosts, speakers, and the conference team to travel to the conference venue.

But perhaps one of the biggest benefits of running a virtual conference is the opportunity it brings to reach a wider, global audience. Everyone, no matter where they are in the world can attend your conference.

However, despite these significant benefits, virtual conferences are sometimes harder to run than traditional conferences.

You have to work harder to create engagement opportunities and keep your attendees from zoning out and turning off. Not to mention the potential technical hiccups and having to manage a variety of speakers, hosts, and team members who are perhaps located in several parts of the world.