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Looking for an online Creative Requests Template? This digital version of a Creative Requests Template is set up in Asana, ready for you to use. Not an Asana user yet? Sign up for a free trial here to get started.

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Creative Requests Template

Not an Asana user yet? Sign up for a free trial here to get started.

When you’re getting creative requests from email, chat, or passing conversations, it’s hard to get a clear view of all the work that needs to be done, let alone prioritize and kick off that work quickly. So how do you keep your creative team focused and productive on the right tasks? This creative request template makes it easy to streamline your process for managing incoming requests, prioritizing and assigning work, and collecting feedback—all in one place.

  • Centralize all incoming requests. Keep priorities clear and understand everything your team is working on by managing all incoming requests in the same tool.
  • Collect the right details. Missing information—like creative requirements or design specs—can delay work. Use a form so requests are submitted with all the necessary details.
  • Set clear expectations. For every request you receive, determine its priority level, assign it to someone, and set deadlines so everyone is on the same page about who’s creating what and when.
  • Speed up the feedback cycle. Make approvals clear by tracking them alongside creative work and assets.