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Editorial Calendar Template

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Tips for planning your editorial calendar with our template
Producing and publishing high-quality content that audiences want to consume is challenging enough. Add multiple formats and channels to the mix, and it gets even tougher to keep production on track and deliver great content on time. This is where an editorial calendar can help. An editorial calendar (also known as a content calendar) is a schedule of all the blog posts, articles, or videos you’re producing and it lays out each step of the process, from idea to publication.

To create your own editorial calendar with our template, follow these tips:

Manage content in one place. Add every piece of content you’re producing to your editorial calendar project so you won’t have to dig through emails, spreadsheets, or docs to know what’s going out when and on what channel.
Break down your publication process. Assign tasks for all the steps needed to produce a piece of content—draft, edit, approve, publish—and set deadlines for each to create a workback schedule that you can visualize on a calendar.
Make it easy to see content status. When you’re creating a high volume of content, it’s hard to know the status of every single piece. Track content through every production stage so you can see where everything stands.
Keep communications and content together. Needs and timing can shift as you’re creating content. Make sure your team has clarity on the latest changes by sharing feedback where work is being done.

From conception to execution, our marketing templates help you plan and manage your content, campaigns, launches, events, and beyond.

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