Notion – Recruitment CRM Template

Using this template, you’ll be able to run the core part of your business (getting and managing customers) out of Notion and you’ll know your CRM is set up properly to grow with your business. Built by a certified software trainer, this template will save you hours of time in trying to build your own CRM, set up databases, choose categories and link everything together. You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars per year for CRM software when you can run your business simply through Notion, keeping everything in the one place.

Notion Recruitment CRM

If you’re looking to build a CRM in Notion for your recruitment agency, you’re in the right spot. By using Notion to build your CRM, you can create the custom recruitment CRM that you need in your favourite tool.

Features of a Recruitment CRM

A recruitment CRM can be used to manage job applications, candidates contact details and client updates. The main features of your Notion CRM will be:

  • Instructions on how to use the CRM
  • Ability to add new contacts and store client contact information
  • Track leads from enquiry through to sale
  • Track ongoing conversations with clients
  • Remind your staff to follow-up clients
  • Manage tasks and have tasks connected to client records
  • Segment clients for marketing
  • Keep a client dashboard
  • Mobile app access so you can view your CRM when you’re out of the office
  • Create a simple applicant tracking system (ATS) using Notion


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