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Using this template, you’ll be able to run the core part of your business (getting and managing customers) out of Notion and you’ll know your CRM is set up properly to grow with your business. Built by a certified software trainer, this template will save you hours of time in trying to build your own CRM, set up databases, choose categories and link everything together. You don’t need to pay hundreds of dollars per year for CRM software when you can run your business simply through Notion, keeping everything in the one place.

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Build a Photography CRM using Notion

If youโ€™re looking to build a photography CRM in Notion for your business, youโ€™re in the right spot. By using Notion to build a lightweight CRM, you can create the custom business CRM that you need in your favourite tool.

What are the main features of this CRM?

A photography CRM can be used to manage customer relationships in your business. The main features of your Notion CRM will be:

  • Instructions on how to use the CRM
  • Ability to add new contacts and store client contact information
  • Track sales leads from enquiry through to sale
  • Track ongoing conversations with clients
  • Remind your staff to follow-up clients
  • Manage tasks and have tasks connected to client records
  • Segment clients for marketing
  • Know the temperature of a lead (cold, cool, warm, hot)
  • Keep a client dashboard
  • Mobile app access so you can view your CRM when youโ€™re out of the office
  • Photography product & service package details that are linked to contacts so you can see what product or service they have bought

Can I create a free Notion CRM with this template?

Based on Notion’s current pricing, you’ll only be able to use this template for free as an individual. Teams will need to use a paid plan.


Will I also be able to use a free mobile CRM app?

Absolutely! Notion has iOS and Android apps that will ensure you can use all your CRM features when youโ€™re out in the field.


What functionality does a custom, freelancer Notion CRM include?

In defining the features of most CRMs, we split the features into Core, Common and Optional Features.
Weโ€™ll outline below what features youโ€™ll have in your DIY CRM.

Core CRM Features

  • Contacts (Contact Management) โ€“ set up with customer contact records in “Clients” database
  • Notes (Interaction Tracking) โ€“ set up through a “Notes” database that connects notes to contacts
  • Process (Lead Process Tracking) โ€“ set up through the use of a status field in the “Clients” database

Common CRM Features

  • Powerful search โ€“ included in Notion desktop and mobile versions
  • Mobile App โ€“ included
  • Customer Segmentation โ€“ set up through the use of a segment field
  • Email integration โ€“ you can use the Gmail or Outlook add-ons to be able to create customer records, tasks or notes in Notion from your inbox.
  • Document Storage โ€“ you can store documents on customer notes
  • Quotes & Proposals โ€“ you can store these documents on customer notes but cannot create quotes & proposals from this template
  • Workflow Automation โ€“ not included but can be set up through integrations

Optional CRM Features

  • Permissions โ€“ permissions to view workspaces & templates can be set up on the Team plan
  • Customisation โ€“ the CRM can be customised through custom sales stages, custom segmentation, custom contact records details and custom onboarding tips
  • Third-party integrations โ€“ you can connect to services like Zapier to trigger actions
  • Tasks & Task assignment โ€“ set up through having a task database
  • Reporting โ€“ not included
  • Analytics โ€“ not included
  • Forecasting โ€“ not included
  • Marketing Automation โ€“ not included in this template
  • Social Media โ€“ not included in this template
  • VOIP Integration โ€“ possible through integrations
  • Chat Integration โ€“ possible through integrations


Do I need a freelancer CRM?

CRM software ensures that you keep track of all your sales, service and marketing needs. By setting up a freelancer CRM, you can be confident that your team is keeping track of new leads, following up with customers, improving customer experience in your business and delivering the best service possible. You can do some follow-up using your memory & your address book but this quickly becomes impossible when you’re managing dozens or hundreds of clients. That’s where having your own custom freelancer CRM provides the biggest benefit.


What are some Notion CRM alternatives?

Notion is an excellent way to create a lightweight, freelancer CRM for your business but sometimes you need features that Notion canโ€™t provide. Our top picks for Notion alternatives for your CRM are:

  • Pipedrive – set up your sales pipeline with extra features like email integration, custom workflows and call tracking.
  • OnePageCRM – a freelancer CRM for your business that focuses on the next action your staff should perform.
  • CapsuleCRM – a clean, well-designed business CRM that can track all your clients across their life cycle.
  • Nimble CRM – a comprehensive business CRM that excels in lead generation through online connections.


What are the limitations to using Notion as a freelancer CRM?

All CRMs have limitations and using Notion as your freelancer CRM comes with constraints that might not suit all users. As you’re custom-building your CRM, you need to ensure that the framework is set up properly and a badly-configured CRM can cause plenty of issues down the track. Notion has limited features around scheduling, emailing, call recording, web-clipping, universal search and note-style but these may not be features that you need for your small business.


I need a Notion consultant to help me build my CRM

You’re in the right place. We’ve got relationships with some of the best Notion consultants and ambassadors and can organise a paid online video meeting so you and your team can learn Notion and build your custom CRM together. Get in contact and we’ll get you booked in.


I’ve got another question…

Let us know what you need help with and we’ll be happy to help.

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