I’ve purchased the template, how do I get access to the template?

We will need you to, temporarily, invite us to one of your Typeform workspaces so we can transfer the template into your account. The steps to adding us to a workspace in your Typeform account is:

  • Ensure your account is on the Typeform Basic Plan or higher. See all Typeform pricing here.
  • Visit https://admin.typeform.com/account#/section/team
  • Click on “Add agency”
  • Enter the email address “rich at generouswork dot com”
  • Click Add
  • Click on “← Workspaces” at the top-left of the screen
  • Click on one of your workspaces (left-hand column)
  • Click on the “manage Member” icon (grey circle with silhouette inside)
  • Click on Add (next to our name)
  • Close this screen and wait 1 business day for your Typeform to be transferred.
  • We’ll get the notification that you’ve invited us to your workspace and we’ll match up your requested form in Gumroad to your Typeform invite email address.
When we invite you to our account, do we need to pay for another user?

No, adding an agency partner doesn’t increase the cost of your Typeform subscription. See all Typeform pricing here.

Do I need a paid Typeform account?

For almost all our Typeforms, you’ll need at least the Typeform Basic plan (includes 100 responses per month) for logic jumps. We’d recommend the Typeform Plus plan (includes 1,000 responses per month, removal of Typeform branding, redirection from end screen and logic jumps). See all Typeform pricing here.

How do I generate the Google review link in your Review form?

For the Google review generator, we use the tool on https://supple.com.au/tools/google-review-link-generator/ to create the link. We prefer the un-shortened link.