Sponsor Questions

How does it work?

We get a huge amount of people looking for templates and we wanted to create a sustainable way to fund the creation of more free templates. Our sponsors pay to have links to their products shown in the “footer/bottom” of our templates.

How much does it cost?

We tailor monthly sponsor packages to suit your business promotion needs. You might only want to sponsor one template or might want to sponsor multiple templates & have ad placements on our website or in our newsletters.

What’s an example of a current sponsor?

We have several course providers who offer Notion courses that are a perfect fit for being shown on Notion templates. We also have software providers who integrate with Notion or offer more comprehensive features and want to be included as options when businesses are considering their options.

Who is a good fit as a sponsor?

Some example of good fits include:

  • Software providers
  • Training providers
  • Online course creators
How do I get started?

If you’ve got other questions or want to discuss your business promotion needs, get in touch.