Trello – Wedding Planner Template


Purchase this Trello Wedding Planner template and save yourself hours of time in trying to build your own planner. After purchase, you will instantly get access to your Trello board template that you can duplicate to your own Trello account.

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Trello – Wedding Planner Template

This template is perfect for wedding planners looking to keep track of upcoming weddings and ensure they’re completing all pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding tasks.

How to use the checklist

The checklist is set up in Trello and uses Trello Cards for each client and then has checklist templates for use before the wedding, on the wedding day and after the wedding. We’ve also included an Email In column so you can email confirmation emails and wedding details directly to your board. We recommend you tailor the list items to suit your client needs (you can update the Template Card & its checklists so you can copy to new client Cards).

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