ProcessKit – Services Deliverables Process Template

Our service deliverables process template kit for ProcessKit includes a strategic step-by-step process, plus our pre-configured custom project type for executing each project from start to finish, and a set of custom fields to use when executing on those service deliverables.

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Every service-based business revolves around one thing: Deliverables!

Whether you’re delivering creative services, technical services, marketing services, or anything in between. Whether your services are one-time or recurring. Whether they’re high-ticket, low-ticket, or mid-market…

If you can’t deliver your service with a predictable and efficient process, it will be nearly impossible to scale your service business.

Most agencies, consultancies, and service companies never take time to focus on their deliverables processes. They just do things haphazardly, in a different way on every new project. This might get the job done once, but it’ll be a continuous slog to run those projects again and again, at scale.

That’s why it is imperative that you take that time away from the day-to-day client work to focus on how your company does that work. The process by which you and your team execute planning, creating, and delivering the things that your clients pay you for!