ProcessKit – Sales Consultation Process Template

Our sales and consultation process template kit for ProcessKit includes our tried-and-true step-by-step checklist, plus our pre-configured custom project type for tracking sales leads through your funnel, and a set of custom fields to use when saving all the details on the deals running through your pipeline.

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Leads and prospects make their way to your business’ doorstep in all sorts of different ways. But once they get there, what happens?

Your sales and consultation process is the process by which you guide a person through their consideration for whether or not to become a paying customer for your product or service. The best companies take a consultative approach to their sales process.

It all starts with the entry-point: It many cases that’s a “request consultation” form that a new lead fills out on your website. Sometimes it’s a signup form for a new trial of your software, or perhaps it is an information request like a contact form or a phone call.

Your goal in making your sales process smarter, more predictable, and more scalable is this:

Funnel all of those inquiries and inbound interest toward a single point of entry, then methodically educate and nurture those prospects through every stage of your sales process.

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