ProcessKit – Customer Onboarding Process Template

Our new customer onboarding template kit for ProcessKit includes our step-by-step workflow, dynamic due date rule calculations, our pre-configured custom project type for onboarding new customers, and a set of custom fields to use when putting this process to use in ProcessKit.

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Your new customer onboarding process is perhaps the most critical processes that happens in your business. Perhaps you call them clients, instead of customers. Regardless, the workflow is the same!

This is the process by which a new customer moves from having purchased your product or service, to getting fully set up and launched into your deliverable process.

Why is it so critical that the onboarding of your newest customers goes smoothly? Well, it can be quite literally, make or break. If they get off to a rocky start, then they’re likely to look for their next reason to cancel service. However, if the process goes incredibly well, then the opposite will happen—and more.

They’ll tell everyone they know about how great it was to onboard with your service. They’ll be far more likely to stick with your business and drive a high customer lifetime value.

Best of all, you’ll be able to see how your business is bringing on new customers in a predictable, systematic manner.