Notion – Termination Checklist Template

The termination checklist form makes sure the employee does all the steps required by the company’s policy at the end of their employment.

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Notion – Termination Checklist Template

Each company has its policy referring to the termination process of an employee. Based on the company’s profile and employee’s activity, the employee can be requested to return the company car, safety equipment, computers and phones, access cards, and other items used during the employment. In some cases, the employee must sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements or give up intellectual property rights for papers and concepts developed while working for the company.

The termination checklist form makes sure the employee does all the steps required by the company’s policy at the end of their employment. It also includes information referring to payments as the Accounting and HR departments have to check the financial situation of the employee, time-off balance, and other financial aspects. Don’t forget to include the employee’s data, the name of the person in charge of the termination checklist, and the date of the last day of work


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What is an employee termination checklist?

An employee termination checklist is a document that summarizes the steps you need to take before terminating an employee. It’s also called a “termination package,” “termination letter,” or “termination agreement.” The checklist includes all of the information you need to provide your employees when they are terminated for cause.

The checklist should include:

  • A statement informing the employee why he or she is being terminated. This may be part of the termination letter itself or it can be included in a separate document.
  • An explanation of how long the employee has been employed with the company and what his or her job responsibilities were prior to termination.
  • A summary of any severance benefits offered by the company.
  • A list of any outstanding debts owed by the employee.
  • A copy of the employee handbook if there is one.
  • If applicable, a notice of rights under state law.
  • If applicable, copies of any other documents that are required by federal law.
  • A signed copy of the termination letter.

When you send out a termination letter, you will want to make sure you have completed the above items on the checklist. If not, you will need to go back over them again and correct any mistakes.


Why do you need an employee termination checklist?

You need an employee termination checklist because you don’t want to forget anything important when you terminate someone. You also want to make sure that you follow the proper procedures when firing someone. An employee termination checklist helps you stay organized and ensures that everything goes smoothly.

What does an employee termination checklist look like?

There are many different types of employee termination checklists available online. Some of these checklists are very detailed while others are more general. Some even contain templates that you can use as a starting point. When choosing an employee termination checklist, you’ll want to consider the following things:

  • How much time do you have to complete this process?
  • How complicated is the termination process?
  • Do you need a template?
  • Is this something you would like to do yourself?
  • Are you going to hire outside help?
  • Can you get away without using a checklist at all?


The general steps to terminating a staff member’s employment

  1. Determine whether the employee needs to be given written notification.
  2. Prepare a termination letter.
  3. Send the letter via certified mail.
  4. Wait until the letter is returned unclaimed.
  5. Terminate the employee.
  6. Pay off any outstanding debts.
  7. Provide severance pay.
  8. Give the employee a final paycheck.
  9. Confirm that the employee has received his or her last paycheck.
  10. Remove the employee from payroll records.
  11. File a report with your tax department
  12. Make sure the employee is no longer listed as an active employee.
  13. Contact the local unemployment office to file a claim for unemployment insurance.
  14. Inform the employee of his or her right to appeal your decision.
  15. Follow up with the employee to confirm that he or she has accepted the offer of severance pay.
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