Notion – SMART Goals Template


This template is perfect for ensuring your team creates goals within the SMART goal framework.

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Notion – SMART Goals Template

This template is perfect for ensuring your team creates goals within the SMART goal framework. Setting clear and realistic goals is an important part of achieving success. The SMART system helps clarify what needs to happen and how to measure progress towards those goals. By focusing on these four elements, you’ll be able to better define your goals and make them more attainable.


What you need before purchase

  • Basic knowledge of how to use Notion
  • Paid Notion account if you’re looking to add lots of content to your template / Notion account (sign up here). Not much content? You’re able to use their free account.


After purchase

After purchase, you’ll be able to view the template immediately. The template can be added to your Notion account by:

  • Click on the template download link in Gumroad
  • When viewing the Notion template, click on the “Duplicate” link in the top-right of your screen
  • The template will now be available in your own Notion account

For ongoing use, the steps are:

  • Login to Notion and select the template you want to view
  • Click on the Duplicate link in the top-right of your screen to create a copy to use
  • You’ll be able to retain the Notion template and work on the Duplicate (with a new name) and can repeat this process whenever you want to use the template again


How to Write Smart Goals for Your Team

What is a goal?

A goal is an objective that you set out to achieve within a specific timeframe. A goal can be anything from “I want to lose weight”, “I want to get promoted at work” or “I want to learn how to play the guitar”. The important thing about setting goals is that they help you focus on what you really want and give you something to aim towards. They also keep you focused and motivated.


Why do we need goals?

Setting goals helps us to plan our future actions. It gives us direction and purpose. Without goals, it would be difficult to know where to start when making changes to our lives. If you don’t have any goals then you will not know if you are going in the right direction. You may even end up doing things that aren’t good for you.


How to Set SMART Goals

Setting SMART goals means that you should make sure that your goals are: Specific – this means that you should only set one goal. This makes it easier to measure whether or not you have achieved your goal. Measurable – this means that you need to be able to see exactly how much progress you have made towards achieving your goal. Achievable – this means that you shouldn’t set yourself impossible tasks. Make sure that you can actually achieve them. Relevant – this means that your goal needs to be relevant to you. For example, if you want to become more organised, then your goal could be to create a weekly schedule of all the things you need to do each day. Time-bound – this means that you must set a deadline for when you want to achieve your goal. This way, you won’t procrastinate and put off working towards your goal.


How to Write SMART Goals for Yourself

When writing your own goals, try to think about what you really want to achieve. What do you want to change about yourself? Are there certain skills that you want to develop? Do you want to improve your health? Or maybe you just want to feel happier. Whatever it is that you want to change, write down your goal as precisely as possible.

When writing your goals, it is helpful to use the SMART acronym. This stands for:

  • Specific – Be very clear about what you want to achieve. Don’t say “I want to eat less junk food” because this isn’t very specific. Instead, say “I want my body fat percentage to drop by 5% over the next 6 months”.
  • Measurable – Measure your progress so that you can tell if you are getting closer to achieving your goal.
  • Attainable – Make sure that your goal is realistic. Saying that you want to run a marathon doesn’t mean that you will actually be able to complete such a task.
  • Relevant – Think about why you want to achieve your goals. Is it because you want to look better? To feel healthier? Or perhaps you want to earn more money.
  • Time-Bound – Make sure that you set a time limit for when you want to reach your goal. Otherwise, you might find that you never actually achieve it.

Once you have written down your goals, you now need to decide which ones you want to act upon first. Start with the easiest one and work your way through until you have completed all of your goals.


How to Write Goals for Others

If you are setting goals for other people, it is important to remember that they will probably have different priorities than you. So, instead of telling someone else what their goals should be, ask them what they want to achieve. Then, help them to come up with some ideas on how to go about achieving these goals.


How to Achieve Your Goals

Now that you know how to write SMART goals, you need to learn how to achieve them. There are many ways that you can do this. You can start by making small changes to your daily routine. If you want to lose weight, then you could cut out snacks between meals. If you want to get more exercise, then you could walk to work rather than drive. You could also break big projects into smaller chunks. For example, if your goal is to clean your house, then you could start by cleaning one room at a time. Once you have finished that, you could move onto another area of the house. You could also take advantage of technology. For example, if the goal is to lose weight, then an online dieting app could help you monitor your calorie intake. Similarly, if the goal is learning French, then you could watch videos on YouTube.

Finally, you could make a plan for each day. For example, if you want to lose weight over the next month, then you could create a schedule for yourself. Each morning, you would wake up early and spend 30 minutes exercising before breakfast. After breakfast, you would spend 2 hours studying French. At lunchtime, you would spend 1 hour working on your project. In the evening, you would spend an hour watching TV.

In conclusion, there are many ways that you could achieve your goals. However, whatever method you choose, just make sure that you stick to it!



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