Notion – Performance Review Checklist Template


Use this template for your staff performance reviews.

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Notion – Performance Review Checklist Template

Use this template for your staff performance reviews.

Why You Need This Template

In today’s fast-paced work environment, effectively evaluating employee performance is crucial for your company’s success. The Performance Review Checklist Template is designed to streamline the process of conducting staff performance reviews. With clear objectives and a comprehensive approach, this template ensures that you are well-prepared to provide constructive feedback, recognize achievements, and identify areas for improvement. It supports a structured and efficient review process, from pre-review preparation to post-review actions, facilitating a productive dialogue between you and your employees.

Template Features

  • Pre-Review Preparation: The template guides you through setting clear objectives, scheduling, and gathering necessary documents, helping you get ready for a productive review session.
  • Employee Self-Assessment: It includes a section for employee self-assessment, emphasizing its importance and ensuring that employees have ample time to complete it.
  • Review of Performance Metrics: With sections dedicated to examining and analyzing performance indicators, achievements, and skills development, the template allows for a thorough evaluation of employee performance.
  • Feedback Collection: It aids in collecting and analyzing feedback from peers and supervisors, providing insights into the employee’s interpersonal skills and teamwork.
  • Performance Summary Development: The template helps you develop a comprehensive understanding and summary of overall performance, with specific examples to illustrate points during the review discussion.
  • Review Meeting Conduct: It guides you through conducting the review meeting effectively, from starting with positive feedback to discussing future goals and career plans.
  • Post-Review Actions: With guidance on documenting outcomes, setting action plans, and scheduling follow-up meetings, the template supports you in monitoring and aiding employee’s performance improvement efforts.

Adding Template To Your Account

After purchasing the Performance Review Checklist Template from Gumroad, adding it to your Notion account is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Duplicate the Template: Once you have access to the template, you will see a “Duplicate” button at the top-right corner of the template page. Click on this button.
  2. Select Workspace: A pop-up window will appear asking you to select a workspace in your Notion account where you want to add the duplicated template.
  3. Confirm Duplication: After selecting the workspace, click on the “Duplicate” button in the pop-up window to confirm. The template will then be added to your selected workspace, ready for use.

With these simple steps, the Performance Review Checklist Template will be available in your Notion account, ready to assist you in conducting efficient and effective employee performance reviews.

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