Notion – Employee Attendance Tracker Template


Use this simple employee attendance tracker template to document whether each employee worked, took vacation leave or needed personal or sick leave.

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Notion – Employee Attendance Tracker Template

Use this simple employee attendance tracker template to document whether each employee worked, took vacation leave or needed personal or sick leave. You can quickly add employees’ details via the Attendance log, assign their work or leave status and add the date of entry. For multiple employees, the status and date can be copied/pasted across multiple database cells to save time.

Whether or not a company offers paid vacation or sick time, it is important to track the attendance schedule of your employees. Attendance information could be helpful when assessing job performance during yearly evaluations.


What you need before purchase

  • Basic knowledge of how to use Notion
  • Paid Notion account if you’re looking to add lots of content to your template / Notion account (sign up here). Not much content? You’re able to use their free account.

After purchase, you’ll be able to view the template immediately. The template can be added to your Notion account by:

  • Click on the template download link in Gumroad
  • When viewing the Notion template, click on the “Duplicate” link in the top-right of your screen
  • The template will now be available in your own Notion account

For ongoing use, the steps are:

  • Login to Notion and select the template you want to view
  • Click on the Duplicate link in the top-right of your screen to create a copy to use
  • You’ll be able to retain the Notion template and work on the Duplicate (with a new name) and can repeat this process whenever you want to use the template again


Why Do You Need An Employee Attendance Tracker?

An employee attendance tracker is an invaluable tool for businesses to manage their workforce and monitor the presence, absence, or tardiness of employees. It can help employers gain insight into how often employees are absent and why, as well as provide visibility into patterns of absenteeism that could indicate potential issues with a particular employee. This information can then be used to identify areas for improvement in the workplace and ultimately help to improve employee morale and productivity.

The Benefits Of Tracking Employee Attendance

There are many benefits associated with tracking employee attendance, including:

  • Increased visibility into the daily attendance of your employees, enabling employers to identify areas for improvement in their workforce and address any potential issues quickly.
  • Improved labour cost management by accurately tracking hours worked, overtime, and absences.
  • Increased employee engagement by providing a system of accountability, encouraging employees to come to work on time and stay for their full shift.
  • Opportunity to identify any potential patterns of absenteeism or tardiness that could indicate an underlying issue.
  • Improved accuracy in payroll processing, ensuring that employees are paid the correct amount for the hours they worked.

How To Track Employee Attendance

Tracking employee attendance is a fairly straightforward process. Depending on the size and needs of your business, you can choose from a variety of methods, such as:

  • Punch cards: A little old school but with this method, employees clock in and out with a physical time-card machine. This method is simple and easy to use but can be labour-intensive for employers if employees forget to punch their cards.
  • Electronic systems: Employers can set up an electronic system that allows employees to clock in and out via a computer or mobile device. This method is more efficient than using punch cards, as it eliminates the need for manual data entry and can save employers time and money.
  • Biometrics: This method requires employees to scan their fingerprints, retinas, or other biometric markers to clock in and out. It is the most secure of all attendance tracking methods and provides employers with added peace of mind that their employees are clocking in and out accurately.
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