Notion – Business Letterhead Template


This template is perfect for creating a branded Notion business letterhead template for use in your business.

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Notion – Business Letterhead Template

This template is perfect for creating a branded Notion business letterhead template for use in your business. By updating the template to match your company’s brand (logos and colours) and include your company contact details, you’ll have a letterhead for your company that is easy to access by all staff.

Who will love this template?

  • Businesses wanting to standardised their letterhead design and use their Notion letterhead to ensure a consistent format is used across their company
  • Freelancers, contractors and consultants who create letters and want to put across a professional image


The process for using this template is:

  • Duplicate the template in your Notion workspace and set up the template with your business details in the footer, your company logo and your own custom cover (if you want to change the cover image in the template). Recommended Notion Cover Image size is 1500px x 600px when using a Notion cover image creator like Canva.
  • Duplicate your customised template and start creating a new letter from your duplicate.
  • Click on the “…” on the top-right of your screen > Export > PDF (leave other settings)
  • Drag your PDF letter into an email to send to your client or print and post


What you need before purchase

  • Basic knowledge of how to use Notion
  • Paid Notion account if you’re looking to add lots of content to your template / Notion account (sign up here). Not much content? You’re able to use their free account.

After purchase, you’ll be able to view the template immediately. The template can be added to your Notion account by:

  • Click on the template download link in Gumroad
  • When viewing the Notion template, click on the “Duplicate” link in the top-right of your screen
  • The template will now be available in your own Notion account

For ongoing use, the steps are:

  • Login to Notion and select the template you want to view
  • Click on the Duplicate link in the top-right of your screen to create a copy to use
  • You’ll be able to retain the Notion template and work on the Duplicate (with a new name) and can repeat this process whenever you want to use the template again


What is a Business Letterhead Template?

A Business Letterhead Template is a pre-designed layout or format that includes the company’s logo, name, and contact information at the top of a business letter. It serves as a professional and consistent branding element for official correspondence, representing the organization’s identity and reinforcing its credibility.

A typical Business Letterhead Template includes the following components:

  1. Company Logo: The template incorporates the company’s official logo at the top center or top left corner of the letterhead. The logo helps establish brand recognition and visual association with the organization.
  2. Company Name and Tagline: The letterhead includes the full legal name of the company, which may be accompanied by a tagline or a concise statement that reflects the company’s mission or values.
  3. Contact Information: This section provides relevant contact details such as the company’s address, phone number, email address, and website. It ensures that recipients have the necessary information to communicate with the company.
  4. Optional Elements: Depending on the company’s preference and design, additional elements can be included in the template, such as a secondary logo, social media handles, a background pattern, or a color scheme that aligns with the company’s brand identity.

By utilizing a Business Letterhead Template, companies can create a consistent and professional appearance for their official communications. It helps establish brand recognition, reinforces the company’s image, and ensures that essential contact details are readily available to recipients. Business letterheads are commonly used for formal letters, business proposals, contracts, invoices, and other official correspondence.


How do I create a Business Letterhead Template in Notion?

Creating a Business Letterhead Template in Notion involves designing a customized layout that includes your company logo, name, and contact information. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a Business Letterhead Template in Notion:

  1. Open Notion: Launch the Notion app or access Notion through your web browser.
  2. Create a new page: Click on the “+” icon in the left sidebar to create a new page. Give it a title, such as “Business Letterhead Template.”
  3. Set up the layout: In the blank page, click on the “+” icon below the title to add a new block. Choose the “Image” block and upload your company logo. Adjust the size and position of the logo to your liking.
  4. Add company name and contact information: Below the logo, add a text block by clicking on the “+” icon again. Enter your company name and contact information, such as address, phone number, email address, and website.
  5. Customize the template: Use the formatting options available in Notion’s toolbar to customize the appearance of your letterhead template. You can change the font styles, sizes, colors, and alignment to match your company’s branding.
  6. Save as a template: Once you’ve created your Business Letterhead Template, save it as a separate page. You can easily duplicate this template for future use by right-clicking on it and selecting “Duplicate” or using the “Duplicate” option in the page settings.
  7. Reuse the template: Whenever you need to create a business letter or document, duplicate the template and add the specific content for that correspondence. You can insert the recipient’s name, the letter’s body, and any additional sections required.

By creating a Business Letterhead Template in Notion, you can ensure a consistent and professional appearance for your official communications. Notion’s flexibility allows you to customize the template to match your company’s branding, and you can easily duplicate and reuse the template for future letterhead needs, saving time and maintaining a cohesive visual identity.

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