Notion – Appointments template

Online template details: Never forget (or forget to prepare for) another meeting or appointment. This template is currently on our list for Notion templates to build. Join our waitlist to be the first to know when it launches.

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Notion – Appointments template

Never forget (or forget to prepare for) another meeting or appointment.

Why have your Appointments template in Notion? You can set up your business templates in Notion as standalone pages (like Google Docs or Word) or as page templates within databases. Standalone page templates in Notion work well in terms of clarity but we’d recommend setting up as a database template. To create a Notion database template, click on the New button in your database then choose +New template. Name your template, add the details of your template and then click Back to return to your database item (your template will be saved). Having your Notion business information in a database will mean that you can have hundreds of items and not overfill your left navigation bar.

Why use Notion for your business workspace, wiki or knowledge base?

Notion is the powered-up workspace for your documents. While Google Docs and Word Docs can get lost in folders or amongst other files, Notion templates can be structured as pages or database items so you can easily manage hundreds of files & templates easily. You might choose to store your Appointments template in a department folder or you can set up your document within a database as a template.

Need a different Notion template?

If the Appointments template isn’t exactly what you want, use our site search to look for other Notion templates or get in touch to request a custom Notion template.

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