Coda – Team Retrospective Template

Run a team retrospective to improve your processes.

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Coda – Team Retrospective

Run a team retrospective to improve your processes.

About Coda

Coda is a doc that brings all your meeting notes, project specs, action itemsーand teammatesーinto one organized place. Coda’s a fast, flexible way to tell everyone what you’re working on and quickly see who’s responsible for what. Coda also makes it easy to reuse your team’s knowledge so nothing falls through the cracks. Coda docs start simple, but have infinite room to grow. With Coda, your doc can become as powerful as an app that’s fully customized to you and your team.

Coda Free Account?

This template was built to work with free & paid Coda accounts. For most templates, you can use the free Coda account but we’d recommend the Coda Pro plan so you can have larger docs sizes, hidden pages and other Pro features. If you’re not a paid Coda user, sign up here or check out their pricing here.

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