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Looking for an online Event Promotion Plan Template? This digital version of an Event Promotion Plan Template is set up in Asana, ready for you to use. Not an Asana user yet? Sign up for a free trial here to get started.

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Event Promotion Plan Template

Not an Asana user yet? Sign up for a free trial here to get started.

You’ve worked hard to plan an amazing event, but if few people attend your event, it won’t make the impact you want. To plan and manage a truly successful event, you’ll want to attract an ideal audience with tailored promotions in the right place at the right time. Without a way to coordinate outreach and promotions, channels can overlap, deadlines slip, and potential attendees disengage. By using a tool like our event promotion plan template, teams can plan and manage promotions in one place alongside their overall event to drive attendance goals.

  • Visualize your promotion schedule on a timeline. Map out your event marketing timeline before you start working, then easily shift the schedule if something comes up. Timeline helps you spot dependencies, course correct deadlines, and ensure your promotions go out at the right time.
  • Provide clear and actionable feedback. With Asana, you can provide feedback directly on any image file. That way, your designers can see feedback in context, and you can make sure your feedback gets implemented before the event promotion materials go out.
  • Make approvals clear. Instead of pinging teammates or accidentally using the wrong asset, you can manage approvals directly in Asana so it’s clear when work is final and approved.
  • Test promotional emails before sending them. Forget context switching. Asana integrates with Litmus to keep your email creation and event marketing process smoothly, from designing to sending.

New to event promotion plans in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • How do I write an event plan? To write an event plan, start with our event planning template. Use the template as a guide to decide your event’s goal, budget, type, and more. Then, use the template to track your event’s promotion plan and campaign tracking process.
  • How do you create a marketing plan for an event? Your marketing plan should include your event budget, type of event marketing, promotion plan, and event marketing timeline. Get started with our event promotion plan template to track all of your work in one place. With a central source of truth like Asana, your team can move quickly, ensure no tasks fall through the cracks, and plan an unforgettable event.
  • What are the types of event marketing? There are various types of event marketing, ranging from virtual events like webinars, live streams, and on-demand classes to in-person conferences like seminars, workshops, and trade shows. With the Asana event promotion plan template, you can plan any type of event.

Don’t just plan a great event—make sure you reach the right people at the right time. Get started with our event promotion plan template today.