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Online Product Catalog Template

Not an Airtable user yet? Sign up here for free to get started.

Growth is exactly what you want for your small business, but it can be overwhelming trying to stay on top of your orders and vendor relationships as they multiply. This flexible product catalog template is perfect for anyone running a small business who wants to keep their product information, vendors, and orders seamlessly organized.

Use this template to keep your product catalog and order form tracker in the same place for easy access. Add product details, additional images, and other important product information and save time by keeping everything you need in one place.

The easy-to-use custom fields let you track and sort by all the specific details that define your unique products. With great features like multiple views, filters, and search functionality, you can quickly get information about your products, orders and customers. For example, filter by number of orders to easily see your most popular products, or by customer to track the total cost of an order. This template also contains a custom scripting block that will create new line items, and a page designer block that will generate customer invoices.

With just a bit of customization, this can be your ultimate product catalog in no time.

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