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Looking for an online Personal CRM Template? This digital version of a Personal CRM Template is set up in Airtable, ready for you to use. Not an Airtable user yet? Sign up here for free to get started.

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Online Personal CRM Template

Not an Airtable user yet? Sign up here for free to get started.

Deepen your current relationships and expand your network with this Personal CRM template. Keep track of friends, family, coworkers, mentors, service professionals, and anyone else who matters in your daily life. Typical CRMs are too rigid or too expensive, and relationships fall by the wayside if you rely purely upon memory.

This template is perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, contractors, sole proprietors, or anybody trying to advance their career. It is flexible enough to facilitate anybody trying to grow and cultivate their network systematically.

Get started immediately by adding your main contacts from your family, friends, colleagues, and any notable connections you’ve made. Seamlessly keep track of where your contacts live, currently work, contact information, and any additional information, such as hobbies or major life events. Planning an upcoming trip? Reach out to all your contacts that are overdue in the city you’re visiting to revive your connections. Continue to customize the template to match exactly the way you’d like to manage your network.

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