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Online Office Inventory Management Template

Not an Airtable user yet? Sign up here for free to get started.

As the person in charge of inventory management at a small business, startup or growing firm, you probably have dozens of other responsibilities to juggle. Free up some extra brain space that’s been tied up with inventory tracking for your other tasks with this deceptively simple inventory management system.

Use this template to track all of your supplies and equipment — whether you’re keeping tabs on all of your equipment and office supplies or just planning the snack order you’ll need to make next week.

Customize this template for your own use and build your perfect inventory system. Use the filters to quickly see what equipment is unassigned, or which office supplies still need to be reordered. With all of your inventory and order lists in one intuitive database, you won’t have to waste time drafting purchase orders and tracking down laptops anymore.

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