Airtable – Cross-Platform Digital Publishing Template

Looking for an online Cross-Platform Digital Publishing Template? This digital version of a Cross-Platform Digital Publishing Template is set up in Airtable, ready for you to use. Not an Airtable user yet? Sign up here for free to get started.

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Online Cross-Platform Digital Publishing Template

Not an Airtable user yet? Sign up here for free to get started.

Today’s publishers build their audiences across many different platforms—and have the sophisticated production processes to prove it. It’s not enough to simply publish the same format on each channel; you’ll need to create content that will appeal to that platform’s native audience. It takes careful planning to ensure that you have enough content to upload uniquely tailored pieces to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, YouTube, or your own website.

This template is designed to get you started with defining your content strategy and pipeline. Your team can collaboratively plan out upcoming tentpoles, series, or formats in the Series table, and then use the Project tracker table to track all of the different pieces of content that you produce for each publishing platform.

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