How to Sell Milanote Templates

There are four main steps to selling Milanote templates.

Step 1: Create a Milanote Template

Create a Milanote template that solves your own need of that of a client.


Step 2: Share your Milanote Template

Next, share a read-only version of your template via a secret link.

To create a read-only version of the template, you’ll want to open it up and “publish” it. You can find the Publish & Share options on the top right of the app:



Click that “Publish via secret link”, and you’ll be given a code that you can share that will give them read-only access to the board.


Step 3: They save the Milanote template to their account

The next step will be something that the buyer will have to do – upon visiting that board, they will see an option to “Save to home” in the upper left:

CleanShot+2021 09


Have them click that button – this will create a shortcut to your original board in the Unsorted notes on their Home board.

CleanShot+2021 09


From there, they can make their own editable copy of your board by right-clicking the item and choosing “Duplicate the board it links to.” Once duplicated, they can turn it into their own template.


Step 4: Set up the template for sale

One of the main options for people selling digital products is to sell through Gumroad. The way this works is:

  • You create a product on Gumroad
  • They have the option to upload files or to add a redirect URL upon purchase. Choose the redirect URL and add your Milenote secret link
  • Save changes then publish your product, ready to sell


An important reminder when selling through Gumroad:

Give people prompts on how the checkout process works on the main product description of the product, on the Gumroad Checkout page (Thank you note section) and potentially via a workflow-sent email after purchase. A brief outline of how they will be directed to the template and will need to follow specific steps to add to their own Milenote account.