How do I upload the checklist/template?

To upload the template:

  • Download the file, after purchase, from Gumroad
  • Login to Asana
  • Create a new Project (click the “+” in the left sidebar)
  • Select Import Spreadsheet
  • Name your project & sharing settings
  • Choose the CSV file option
  • Select “Go to project”, you’re done!
How do I convert an Asana Project to a Template?

To convert the project to a template:

  • Click on the dropdown arrow icon next to the Project name and click on “Convert to template”
  • Your template is now ready to use for all new projects
How do I use the Asana Template for a new Project?

To use your template for a new project:

  • Login to Asana and click on the “+” icon next to your workspace name
  • Under “Create Project”, select “Use a template”
  • Your template will shown under General Templates and also under the “By [your company name]” section
Do I need a paid Asana account?

For almost all our Typeforms, you can use the free Asana account. If you’ve got more than 15 users, need custom fields (an excellent feature), want unlimited free guests and want forms that can send information into Projects, we’d recommend upgrading to the Premium plan, paid yearly. See all Asana pricing here.